Hashy Slashy Session IPA


Juicy Session IPA!! What a fucking gimmick!!

But I brewed one anyway…

The reason I went so ‘juicy’ is because I was aiming for a real low ABV but wanted a lot of body, so this brew got a bunch of wheat malt, oat malt and also flaked oats. This put a hell of a lot of strain on my lauter… so my run off was slow as fuck and hazy as cum. Also I used a fuck tonne of hops so it got even extra extra hazy from all that sweet sweet green hash.

Recipe? Sure…

30% wheat malt

20% pilsner

20% Maris otter

15% oat malt

10% flaked oats

5% special B (for a touch of colour)



The hops I mean… I used 4 varieties, Chinook in the mash, Simcoe as First Wort, Amarillo, Simcoe and Galaxy in the last 5 mins of the boil @ a whopping 16g/L total! (10g/L Amarillo 3g/L each of the other 2) and dry hopped with all of them. 4g/L of Amarillo and 2g/L of each of the others.

Should equate to around 60 ibu

OG 1.035

FG 1.008

Oh yeah, fermentation…

I open fermented this cunt with a blend of wyeast 1469 West Yorkshire ale and wyeast 2308 Munich lager @ 16C cause I’m a fucking weirdo.

I’ll check back in with tasting notes. She’s on chill as we speak.



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