Redemption Dunkel because I’ve been brewing too many hipster beers lately, bloody wild yeasts and bacterias and loads of hops… IT ENDS HERE!! Time to redeem myself with a true to style Bavarian style Dark Lager, no gimmicks but a bloody fantastic and fancy bier style.

This recipe isn’t highly imaginable but very purposeful, it uses excellent quality malt and excellent quality hops at just the right amounts for a perfectly balanced, sessionable but also rich and complex bier.

The grist is pretty much the same as Jamil’s and BrauKaiser’s ;

99% Weyerman Munchen II malz

1% Weyermann Carafa Spezial III

22 ibu with German Magnum

mash @

55C for 10 mins

65C for 40 mins

72C for 20 mins

Decoction to Mashout of 78C

Boil and all that jazz but don’t add any shit like Carageenan or Yeast Nutrient, that’s NOT German!

Chill to 8C and pitch your favourite Lager strain, preferably something Malty.

For me that’s an open ferment with WLP833. Ferment until terminal and Lager for as long as you can. Don’t be an impatient cunt about it. Give it time you cum.

And then yeah, I dunno, drink the fuck out of it by the Maß !!!


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